Fun of war (2019). Künstler Verstecktoff

Representation of war in today’s media has changed drastically. Real war videos turn into a show with its own audience. War is depicted in a more detailed way — now by the combatants themselves with the cameras on their helmets or weapons. Thanks to the Internet, the war skips traditional media and immediately reaches the consumer without censorship or editing. It’s available on our smartphones 24/7 and it merges with the rest of the info flow. It turns banal and shocks no more. You can’t monetize such content, but authors struggle to increase the number of views, that’s why the war videos often resemble movies — expensive and well-edited. War becomes part of a huge entertainment industry. On YouTube the automatic generation of subtitles is possible, but speech recognition technology is imperfect and the sounds of war — shots, explosions — are perceived by it as «music» or «applause,» which brings the phenomenon of the presence of war in the entertainment industry to absurd.